Mobile Application conulting

We take your app concept and transform it into an immersive experience for your end user. Through communication and teamwork we turn your vision into a reality.  

IT solution Consulting

One size does not fit all. We customize each solution/package based on individual client needs and objectives. 

eSports consulting

Want to build an eSports company? Or looking to modify the organization you started. Give us a call we offer comprehensive services and develop unique solutions for the this ever evolving industry.

About us

Uplyft Studios LLC was founded in November 2016. Over the years we have evolved from a software development firm to a innovator in the eSports world. From it’s inception Uplyft Studios is meant to be beacon of light in the tech industry.  So within any tech related industries we move into community development will be in the forefront. Through Unity, Respect, and Collaboration we want Uplyft’s legacy to inspire and facilitate growth of future innovators. By constant research and development we are always looking for ways to improve and integrate new principles or strategies to enhance our services.
With that in mind these are our core values:
  • Strive for Kaizen

  • Aim to Inspire

  • Provide a Solution


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